Why Collaboration Matters In Higher Education

Top 10 Collaboration Solution Companies - 2018

Hours of verbal lecture in classrooms with blackboards have been replaced by technology, transforming the way of interaction and communication methods. The engine of innovation focused on better outcomes is defining education through the intersection of technology, smart devices, data, and intelligent software. With various technologies entering the game, elementary schools and high schools are undergoing digital transformation thereby passing on benefits to administrators, staffers, and parents.

Several education technological solutions such as team collaboration tools are connecting teachers and parents in an efficient way for better interaction. Complete communication solutions like PBX is mandatory in any educational institution to indulge capabilities like hot desking, twinning, call distribution, reporting and a range of unified communications applications offering the staffs a wide range of capabilities. Security being another crucial sector of educational institutions, it is important to have software solutions that can handle security and emergencies. Time sensitive communication is crucial for children and students with special needs for their future and professional success. Though there are a wide array of collaboration solutions with innovative capabilities in the market today, it’s a cumbersome task to find the right solution that can seamlessly fit an organizations environment.

To help CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs find the right collaboration solution provider for education institution, a distinguished selection panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the Education Technology Insight’s editorial board has selected a list of Collaboration Solution Providers that exhibit innovative capabilities.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in building solutions and services that can effectively yet economically account for a productive virtualization, keeping in mind the factor of time-focused delivery. We present to you Education Technology Insights’ Top 10 Collaboration Solution Providers - 2018.

    Top Collaboration Solution Companies

  • Provides innovative Pro AV solutions for a wide range of markets


  • An automated notification system that provides emergency and routine phone, text, e-mail, or app group messaging for educational institutions


  • The company’s specialized Cloud (IXC) is for modernizing and transforming education, training, learning, and upskilling

  • Offers an intuitive cloud-based lesson planning and analytics platform for collaboration among teachers, students, administrators and even parents


  • Axero Solutions

    Axero Solutions

    Help departments work beautifully - no matter where they are - with an intranet that does more than just store old HR docs

  • Blackboard


    Helps leverage innovative technologies and services to solve the most critical challenges in education

  • Cisco Systems

    Cisco Systems

    Cisco's Connected Classroom allows students learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device

  • RealtimeBoard


    Allows to work with the team on your projects, create moodboards, schemes and templates, share it worldwide

  • Solutionz


    Provides voice and video conferencing equipment, audio visual integration services, and bridging and managed services

  • VSGi


    Improve workflow throughout entire organizations, increasing efficiency, improving performance, boosting productivity, and cutting costs